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I became a business owner because I am obsessed by business. It’s also why I wanted to get an MBA. I’m a certified business nerd. They say you write better when you’re writing whatever you’re passionate about, so I’d like to think that shows in my business writing. I’d love to write for some of the publications I personally read a lot (Entreprenuer, Inc, FastCompany, to name a few), but for now I publish my business articles here and on Medium.

My first Medium article – ‘Does Having a Mental Health Condition Help or Hinder Business Owners?’ – was curated by Medium in several categories. I was then approached by The Startup, one of the biggest business publications on Medium, to publish it there too.

My second Medium article was instantly picked up by The Startup and was a high-earner with an impressive 60% read ratio – ‘This Is Why My Staff Can Work from Home Whenever They Damn Please’

Other Medium articles I’m proud of include:

The Science That Proves Hustle Culture Is Literally Killing Us on The Innovation publication – Also RT’d by Alexis Ohanian and caused quite a stir on social media.

The Joys of Being A Working Woman on The Innovation publication – Please don’t read if you believe sarcasm to be the lowest form of wit.

What I Learnt Being Open About My Mental Health With My Staff on The Startup publication and curated by Medium in the Mental Health and Work topics.

You can find my Medium profile here.

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