Introducing The Anti-Burnout Club (And 6 Ways to Get Involved)

I’ve spent so much of my life feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I thought that it was actually just who I was, as opposed to something that I could change. After going to the doctors for high blood pressure and high cortisol levels (the stress hormone), I knew that something had to change or I was going to work myself to an early grave.

It wasn’t until my 30th birthday, however, that a slow hunch started kicking in… I knew I wasn’t the only person who felt this way, I was surrounded by those who I could see were burning out. When we measure our success only by the hours we work or the money we make, we never feel fulfilled. Instead, we feel tired and unsuccessful.

We chase goals that never satisfy us when we hit them; we never step back and appreciate how far we’ve come. We spend our lives comparing ourselves to the pastel pinks of Instagram influencers and wondering why we’ll never be that successful, or reading rags to riches stories and wondering why adversity hadn’t made us millionaires yet…

This slow hunch turned into a big “Yes!” moment, when I finally figured out my ‘Why.’ I knew I wanted to be more open about the burnout I’d experienced, but also help those who were starting to feel the effects of the hustle culture that permeates the media on an almost daily basis.

I started learning everything I could about success, mindfulness, the comparisons we make with others, stress, psychology, and so much more. It is this journey that I’ve started writing in a book, but I wanted more than that. I wanted to reach as many people as I could, and fast…

And so, The Anti-Burnout Club was born. Using everything I’ve learnt so far and am continuing to learn, my mission is to help people who are feeling the effects of hustle culture, those who are stressed or burning out, those who are anxious or becoming unwell and those who just want to take one big step back from the busy way of life they’re living now. I truly believe you can thrive and become a success, whilst still taking care of yourself, and that’s what I aim to prove through articles, podcasts, interviews and more.

So, if you’d like to join me on this journey of discovery, here are the ways you can get involved:

  • My Podcast – which is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify – is the best way to get involved. Here I’ll talk about everything I’ve learnt and bring in some special guests who are experts in their field. Make sure you subscribe to be notified when new episodes go up.
  • The Anti-Burnout Club page on my site will be filled with my articles on the topic, so pop it in your bookmarks.
  • My Instagram is full of self-love and self-care tips and advice, along with stories of me chatting away about things I’ve discovered that day. Please do give it a follow to fill your feed with inspiration.
  • My Facebook page shares that same self-love, but also articles I find on topics that will help you thrive. Give the page a like to learn along with me.
  • My Facebook group is brand new, but will be a safe hub for people to talk about their own experiences of burnout, give and receive advice, and learn so much along the way. Please request to join here – it’ll be launching officially on 10th August.
  • You can also email me: if you’d like to discuss other ways you can get involved, including being a guest on the podcast!

You can listen to my podcast episodes or signup for the mailing list below.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you and hope that you’ll learn and thrive along the way.

All my love,

Bex x


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