Do You Recognise These 12 Hidden Signs of Burnout?

I always kind of expected burnout to come with a red flashing light and warning sirens, that told me “Woah Bex, it’s time to calm down…” but life isn’t really like that is it? I was surprised to find that my burnout manifested itself in a culmination of signs and symptoms, most of which I’d ignored or put down to something else.

In my latest episode, I discuss the hidden warning signs of burnout that I only really recognised in hindsight. Perhaps you’ll recognise some of these in yourself, too. However, these are only ones that I have experienced and is, by no means, an exhaustive list. Briefly, they are:

  1. Dropping the Ball
  2. Feeling Guilty
  3. Getting Snappy
  4. Not Being Able to Sit Still
  5. Isolating Yourself
  6. Not Looking After Yourself
  7. Feeling Like a Failure
  8. Trash Talking Yourself
  9. Experiencing Pessimism and Detachment
  10. Lack of Inspiration
  11. Getting Addicted
  12. Physical Illnesses

If you listen to the podcast, I explain each of these in more detail. As usual, I’ve included some useful resources (including more signs and symptoms) down below.

It’s important, however, that we spend some time being mindful and reflective of these signs of burnout. In my next episode, I go through 12 ways we can try to stop burnout in its tracks. For now, make a note of the symptoms you experience and try to check in with yourself and your feelings. Do this for a couple of days before moving onto the next part.

Finally, just a reminder that if you are experiencing lots of signs of chronic stress, please do try and talk to somebody you trust or a medical professional. You can also join the free, private Facebook group which opens its doors on the 10th August. This will be a positive and supportive community, where we can all discuss our own burnout stories or worries. Just click here and request to join.

More Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

Elephant Journal: 12 Hidden Warning Signs that we’re about to Burn Out (this is my article version of the podcast, if you don’t have time to listen to it right now).

VeryWellMind: Guide to Burnout

WebMD: Signs of Burnout

BBC Worklife: How to tell if you’re close to burning out

Psychology Today: The Tell Tale Signs of Burnout

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