12 Ways to Stop Burnout in its Tracks

Following on from the 12 hidden warning signs of burnout, I thought it was only fair that I talked about the same number of ways to try and combat burnout. Hopefully, you’ve had some time to think about the signs and symptoms since episode three and been mindful of what you’ve noticed. If so, we…

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Do You Recognise These 12 Hidden Signs of Burnout?

I always kind of expected burnout to come with a red flashing light and warning sirens, that told me “Woah Bex, it’s time to calm down…” but life isn’t really like that is it? I was surprised to find that my burnout manifested itself in a culmination of signs and symptoms, most of which I’d…

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I’m a Fraud

I’m a fraud, I’m a fake, I’m a phony. I can’t do this. Who in their right mind is letting me do this? I’m just going to fail. If any of those words have ever entered your mind, then there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the psychological phenomenon that is Imposter Syndrome. The moment I…

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Introducing The Anti-Burnout Club (And 6 Ways to Get Involved)

Click here for transcript I’ve spent so much of my life feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I thought that it was actually just who I was, as opposed to something that I could change. After going to the doctors for high blood pressure and high cortisol levels (the stress hormone), I knew that something had…

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Rags to Riches? Why These Stories Are Doing More Harm Than Good

First published on Thrive ‘These Rags to Riches Stories Will Inspire You,’ ‘These Billionaires Started Out Poor,’ ‘The Rags to Riches Stories That Prove Success Isn’t About Money.’ These are just some of the titles that leap out at me as I search for rags to riches stories, something I would do on an almost…

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6 Networking Tips for Those Who Are Anxious as Hell

Do you know what I’m not looking forward to coming back when we return to (almost) normal? Networking events. Especially as they’ll likely be smaller and ‘more intimate’ which means a lot fewer chances to hide in a corner waiting for the nightmare to end. If you’re reading this and nodding along, you’re probably as…

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