Writer, storyteller, business owner, speaker, MBA scholar


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love” – Maya Angelou

From the moment I wrote my first story, at the age of six, I knew that all I wanted in this life was to be able to do this every day forever. However, fearing that writing was a job for either the penniless artist or the university graduate, life took me down a very different path. I worked in sales, marketing, recruitment, hospitality and even childcare before something changed my life forever.

I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and post-traumatic stress disorder at the age of 22 after losing my mum when she took her life just four years earlier. The inability to leave my house meant I needed to find a job I could do from home – and fast. I combined my love of writing with the need to work from home and freelanced for a range of companies all over the world (over 300 clients, in fact). Yet still something was missing and as my fear to leave the house dissipated, I decided to grow my writing business.

Fast forward to today and I now run a content business (Gee Gee Media), specialising in content for digital publications, along with magazines and newspapers. My business has grown from strength to strength in the last year alone, which led to me being offered a scholarship at Warwick University for an MBA. Me! The girl who was told she’d end up working in Woolworths for the rest of her life by teachers. Ha, jokes on them, Woolworths doesn’t exist anymore.

My passion in life now is to keep writing; using all of my life experiences and learnings from my MBA and decade in business ownership, to create pieces that make people think. My favourite subjects are success (and our perception of it), happiness, The Economics of Wellbeing, leadership, organisational behaviour, motivational theories, and anything to do with business and psychology. I am also an advocate for mental health awareness and love telling other people’s stories.

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