After being diagnosed with agoraphobia in 2012, I had to find work I was able to do from home – and fast. Having entrepreneurial blood in my veins (thanks, Dad) I set up a freelance writing business at the bottom of my bed.

Fast forward a few years later and I was running an international content agency (Gee Gee Media) which employed over a dozen staff and freelancers, and turned over more than £1 million in revenue. My businesses growth led to me being offered a scholarship at Warwick University for an MBA despite having no previous qualifications.

In September 2020, I decided to close down Gee Gee Media and pursue a different path – setting up the wellbeing membership platform and social enterprise, The Anti-Burnout Club.

My experience in business and life has led to me taking the TEDx stage in Warwick, writing and advising on countless newspaper and magazine articles, and coaching and mentoring business owners throughout all different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.