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  • Stories about real people who have been through hard times.
  • Pieces on mental health, mental health awareness and overcoming challenges.
  • Features on women in business or climbing up the career ladder.
  • Mental health in business and other ‘real people in business’ related topics.
  • People’s perceptions of success, happiness and wealth.
  • Anything on MBA topics, particularly The Economics of Wellbeing.
  • Anything on people overcoming adversity – or raising awareness about the hard times they’re currently in.
  • True stories, stories that make people feel, and stories that inspire others.
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My thoughts, feelings and stories…

How I got accepted for an MBA with no qualifications

My husband and I were waiting at the airport in Budapest, ready to come home after a long weekend break for my birthday. I hadn’t checked my emails much while I’d been away, as I’d vowed to try and be present and just enjoy the holiday. As I connected to the airport wi-fi I noticed…

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Fall Back in Love With Your Business —  From Date Nights to Roleplay

When many people start their businesses, they have a clear goal in mind. They want to be doing something they love whilst also getting paid for it. Dreamy, right? We’re often told that we should follow our passions and hobbies, turn them into a moneymaking machine, and reap the rewards. We follow blindly, imagining how…

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